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Film schools are mainly for those who want to learn all about what it takes to make a movie. Although film schools do not guarantee successful careers in Hollywood, they can help broaden the range of skills in students, which often helps to open doors. The MFA degree is also a guarantee for the possibility of teaching. Film schools also help build resumes. Graduates have often completed a self written and directed good short film and a good feature-length screenplay they have written and would like to direct. It is often beneficial for directors to show production companies that they can write as well as direct. Keep in mind that fields such as sound, editing, and cinematography are quite possible to get into without a degree. Film school degrees are mostly valuable for those seeking to direct. Writing and acting classes can help tremendously with the making of a movie and also, with getting into film schools .

US Film Schools

US film schools are the top film schools in the entire world. Although US film schools such as USC, UCLA, and NYU are famous for turning out countless talents who go on to have amazing careers, lesser known schools are often just as reputable. The Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco (learn more about California film schools) offers classes in every area of the filmmaking process. They encourage students to mix and match interests and areas of study in order to develop individuality. The International Film Institute of New York believes that although technology does and will change incessantly, their focus remains on the art and craft of storytelling. The program at the IFI consists of an award-winning faculty dedicated to the field. The Florida State University Film School selects only 30 men and woman each year to participate in their programs. This allows the faculty to focus all it's attentions and resources on preparing each student for the industry.

Some of the major areas of film which attract students of the art are: Directing, Acting, Editing